🎉 2020 Commencement Schedule 🎉

Below is the day-of schedule for QU's 2020 Commencement, localized to your timezone . To view times in UTC, click here.

SchoolStart Time
Australian National UniversityFriday, 5:00:00 AM
Boston University (Session 1)Friday, 5:00:30 AM
Monash UniversityFriday, 5:01:00 AM
The University of Queensland, AustraliaFriday, 5:01:30 AM
University of MelbourneFriday, 5:02:00 AM
University of SydneyFriday, 5:03:00 AM
University of Technology SydneyFriday, 5:04:00 AM
St Clare's OxfordFriday, 5:04:30 AM
University of NottinghamFriday, 5:05:00 AM
Ashoka UniversityFriday, 5:05:30 AM
Forman Christian CollegeFriday, 5:07:00 AM
Indian Institute of Foreign TradeFriday, 5:07:30 AM
University of the Arts LondonFriday, 5:08:00 AM
Bilkent UniversityFriday, 5:08:30 AM
Middle East Technical UniversityFriday, 5:09:30 AM
American University in CairoFriday, 5:10:00 AM
King's College London, University of LondonFriday, 5:10:30 AM
Manchester UniversityFriday, 5:11:00 AM
The Paris Institute of Political StudiesFriday, 5:12:00 AM
University of BristolFriday, 5:12:30 AM
University of KentFriday, 5:13:00 AM
University of StrathclydeFriday, 5:13:30 AM
Imperial College LondonFriday, 5:15:00 AM
Quaranteen UniversityFriday, 5:15:30 AM
SchoolStart Time
Brown UniversityFriday, 3:00:00 PM
Quaranteen UniversityFriday, 3:02:00 PM
Boston University (Session 2)Friday, 3:15:30 PM
New York UniversityFriday, 3:25:30 PM
Ohio State University, ColumbusFriday, 3:31:00 PM
Point Park UniversityFriday, 3:31:30 PM
State University of New York at CantonFriday, 3:32:00 PM
The City University of New YorkFriday, 3:33:00 PM
William Peace UniversityFriday, 3:34:00 PM
Alfred UniversityFriday, 3:35:00 PM
Amherst CollegeFriday, 3:35:30 PM
Appalachian State UniversityFriday, 3:36:00 PM
Babson CollegeFriday, 3:36:30 PM
Bishop's UniversityFriday, 3:37:00 PM
Boston CollegeFriday, 3:38:00 PM
Carnegie Mellon UniversityFriday, 3:39:00 PM
Champlain CollegeFriday, 3:41:30 PM
Colby CollegeFriday, 3:42:00 PM
Colgate UniversityFriday, 3:42:30 PM
Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and ArtFriday, 3:43:00 PM
Cornell UniversityFriday, 3:43:30 PM
Drexel UniversityFriday, 3:45:30 PM
Duke UniversityFriday, 3:46:00 PM
Eastern Kentucky UniversityFriday, 3:48:00 PM
Eastern Michigan UniversityFriday, 3:48:30 PM
Ecole Supérieure d'ElectricitéFriday, 3:49:00 PM
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical UniversityFriday, 3:49:30 PM
Emerson CollegeFriday, 3:50:00 PM
Florida Atlantic UniversityFriday, 3:51:00 PM
Florida State UniversityFriday, 3:51:30 PM
Fordham UniversityFriday, 3:53:00 PM
Illinois Institute of TechnologyFriday, 3:53:30 PM
Ivey Business SchoolFriday, 3:54:00 PM
Johns Hopkins UniversityFriday, 3:54:30 PM
Lafayette CollegeFriday, 3:57:00 PM
Laurentian University of SudburyFriday, 3:57:30 PM
Lehigh UniversityFriday, 3:58:00 PM
Liberty UniversityFriday, 3:58:30 PM
Macalester CollegeFriday, 3:59:30 PM
Middlebury CollegeFriday, 4:00:00 PM
New College, OxfordFriday, 4:01:00 PM
North Carolina State UniversityFriday, 4:01:30 PM
Northeastern UniversityFriday, 4:02:00 PM
Northern Michigan UniversityFriday, 4:06:00 PM
Oakland UniversityFriday, 4:06:30 PM
Pennsylvania State UniversityFriday, 4:07:00 PM
Princeton UniversityFriday, 4:07:30 PM
Purdue UniversityFriday, 4:09:00 PM
Ramapo CollegeFriday, 4:10:30 PM
Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteFriday, 4:11:00 PM
Roger Williams UniversityFriday, 4:13:30 PM
Rowan UniversityFriday, 4:14:00 PM
Rutgers UniversityFriday, 4:15:00 PM
Rutgers University, NewarkFriday, 4:19:00 PM
Savannah College of Art and DesignFriday, 4:22:30 PM
Simmons CollegeFriday, 4:23:00 PM
Smith CollegeFriday, 4:24:00 PM
State University of New York at BinghamtonFriday, 4:25:30 PM
Stonehill CollegeFriday, 4:26:30 PM
Suffolk UniversityFriday, 4:27:00 PM
Swarthmore CollegeFriday, 4:27:30 PM
The Ailey SchoolFriday, 4:28:00 PM
The College of William and MaryFriday, 4:28:30 PM
The Ohio State UniversityFriday, 4:29:30 PM
Towson UniversityFriday, 4:30:00 PM
Tufts UniversityFriday, 4:31:00 PM
University of ConnecticutFriday, 4:31:30 PM
University of DelawareFriday, 4:32:00 PM
University of FloridaFriday, 4:33:00 PM
University of GuelphFriday, 4:34:30 PM
University of Illinois at ChicagoFriday, 4:35:00 PM
University of KentuckyFriday, 4:35:30 PM
University of MarylandFriday, 4:36:00 PM
University of Massachusetts at LowellFriday, 4:37:30 PM
University of Michigan - Ann ArborFriday, 4:38:00 PM
University of North Carolina at AshevilleFriday, 4:43:30 PM
University of North Carolina at Chapel HillFriday, 4:44:00 PM
University of Notre DameFriday, 4:46:30 PM
University of PittsburghFriday, 4:47:00 PM
University of Puget SoundFriday, 4:48:00 PM
University of RochesterFriday, 4:48:30 PM
University of Tennessee, KnoxvilleFriday, 4:49:30 PM
University of WaterlooFriday, 4:50:00 PM
Vassar CollegeFriday, 4:54:30 PM
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityFriday, 4:56:00 PM
Washington University, Saint LouisFriday, 4:58:30 PM
Wayne State UniversityFriday, 4:59:00 PM
Wellesley CollegeFriday, 4:59:30 PM
Wingate UniversityFriday, 5:00:30 PM
Yale UniversityFriday, 5:01:00 PM
American UniversityFriday, 5:02:00 PM
Arizona State UniversityFriday, 5:03:00 PM
Austin Community CollegeFriday, 5:05:00 PM
Brandeis UniversityFriday, 5:05:30 PM
Carthage CollegeFriday, 5:07:00 PM
Case Western Reserve UniversityFriday, 5:07:30 PM
Cleveland Institution of MusicFriday, 5:09:00 PM
Columbia UniversityFriday, 5:09:30 PM
Dartmouth CollegeFriday, 5:11:00 PM
Dominican UniversityFriday, 5:11:30 PM
Emory UniversityFriday, 5:12:00 PM
Georgia Institute of TechnologyFriday, 5:13:30 PM
Grinnell CollegeFriday, 5:14:30 PM
Harvard UniversityFriday, 5:15:00 PM
Illinois State UniversityFriday, 5:15:30 PM
Iowa State UniversityFriday, 5:16:00 PM
Loyola University New OrleansFriday, 5:16:30 PM
Missouri Western State UniversityFriday, 5:17:00 PM
Northern Illinois UniversityFriday, 5:19:00 PM
Northwestern UniversityFriday, 5:19:30 PM
Oberlin CollegeFriday, 5:22:00 PM
The University of TexasFriday, 5:24:00 PM
University of Arkansas - FayettevilleFriday, 5:24:30 PM
University of ChicagoFriday, 5:25:00 PM
University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignFriday, 5:26:30 PM
University of IowaFriday, 5:30:30 PM
University of Minnesota - Twin CitiesFriday, 5:31:00 PM
University of MissouriFriday, 5:32:00 PM
University of North TexasFriday, 5:33:00 PM
University of OklahomaFriday, 5:33:30 PM
University of PennsylvaniaFriday, 5:34:00 PM
University of Texas at AustinFriday, 5:35:00 PM
University of TorontoFriday, 5:40:00 PM
Vanderbilt UniversityFriday, 5:44:30 PM
Colorado State UniversityFriday, 5:45:00 PM
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyFriday, 5:45:30 PM
Mount Royal UniversityFriday, 5:46:30 PM
Regis UniversityFriday, 5:47:00 PM
The University of ArizonaFriday, 5:47:30 PM
University of AlbertaFriday, 5:48:00 PM
University of Colorado at BoulderFriday, 5:49:30 PM
University of DenverFriday, 5:50:00 PM
Arizona Western CollegeFriday, 5:51:00 PM
California Northstate UniversityFriday, 5:51:30 PM
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis ObispoFriday, 5:52:00 PM
California State University Channel IslandsFriday, 5:53:30 PM
California State University, BakersfieldFriday, 5:54:00 PM
California State University, FullertonFriday, 5:54:30 PM
California State University, Los AngelesFriday, 5:55:00 PM
California State University, NorthridgeFriday, 5:55:30 PM
Chapman UniversityFriday, 5:56:30 PM
Claremont McKenna CollegeFriday, 5:57:00 PM
DigiPen Institute of TechnologyFriday, 5:57:30 PM
Franciscan University of SteubenvilleFriday, 5:58:30 PM
George Fox UniversityFriday, 5:59:00 PM
Gonzaga UniversityFriday, 5:59:30 PM
Harvey Mudd CollegeFriday, 6:00:00 PM
Minerva Schools at the Keck Graduate InstitutionFriday, 6:00:30 PM
Mt. San Antonio CollegeFriday, 6:01:00 PM
Pacific Lutheran UniversityFriday, 6:01:30 PM
Reed CollegeFriday, 6:02:00 PM
Saint Mary's College of CaliforniaFriday, 6:02:30 PM
San Diego State UniversityFriday, 6:03:00 PM
San Jose State UniversityFriday, 6:04:00 PM
Santa Clara UniversityFriday, 6:07:00 PM
Stanford UniversityFriday, 6:07:30 PM
The University of AucklandFriday, 6:09:00 PM
The University of British ColumbiaFriday, 6:09:30 PM
University of British ColumbiaFriday, 6:10:00 PM
University of California, BerkeleyFriday, 6:11:00 PM
University of California, DavisFriday, 6:27:00 PM
University of California, IrvineFriday, 6:28:30 PM
University of California, Los AngelesFriday, 6:31:00 PM
University of California, San DiegoFriday, 6:35:00 PM
University of California, Santa BarbaraFriday, 6:43:30 PM
University of California, Santa CruzFriday, 6:45:30 PM
University of Southern CaliforniaFriday, 6:47:00 PM
University of WashingtonFriday, 6:52:00 PM
Wharton School of the University of PennsylvaniaFriday, 6:57:30 PM
Willamette UniversityFriday, 6:58:00 PM
Williams CollegeFriday, 6:58:30 PM
Lewis & Clark CollegeFriday, 6:59:30 PM

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