Quaranteen Commencement 2020

Come graduate in Minecraft on May 22

Important note about RSVPs

Due to many university spam filters blocking emails sent from .university domains, we'll be sending out QU RSVP emails through [email protected]. Keep an eye out!

Walk the stage and receive your undergrad or grad diploma, virtually

Have you worked hard for years but are graduating with no recognition? Forced to leave campus and your friends?

Us too, but coronavirus won't stop the Class of 2020. 😤

We're going to livestream this because we don't have anything better to do under quarantine lol.

Who's coming?

Currently the QU Class of 2020 is _ strong (_ grads and _ audience members), comprised of _ different schools. Join us and be a part of internet history! And if you can get all your classmates to sign up, you might just snag that top spot!

Top Ten Schools by Signups (view all schools)

How's this gonna work?

Once enough people express interest, we'll select graduation times for everyone (and check you can make it). You'll connect to the world, get dressed into robes dyed in your school's color, have your name called, and walk up to receive your diploma in front of everyone. Plus, it will all be livestreamed!

If a lot of people from your school sign up, maybe you could graduate together??


🔥 Is this actually happening?

Yes. We've been mentioned in The Verge, WIRED, Campus Technology, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Campus Reform, and The Journal.

📅 When?

May 22nd, 2020. (May 30th for QUA)

🌎 Where?

Wherever you are ;)

📹 Will there be graduation pictures?

Yes! There will be a livestream at twitch.tv/QuaranteenU and your name will be read publicly in chat.

💲 How much does it cost to attend?

Our event is free! However, you'll need to get a copy of Minecraft Java Edition. Alternatively, an NPC with your name can walk in your place!

🎓 Who can attend?

We ask that only Class of 2020 graduates walk (high school seniors included) — we're using the honor system here. If you are a proud parent or friend, there will be seats for you in the audience.

💙 School spirit colors?

Zoom Blue.

© 2020 can you even copyright a meme lol