Quaranteen Commencement 2020

Thank you to everyone who made this possible!

We did it!

After nearly 2 months of hard work, the Commencement and Graduation ceremonies ended up being far greater than we could've hoped for! All of us at QU are incredibly grateful for the positive reaction this project has gotten, and we're so glad that it was a meaningful experience for a lot of people. Over 500 students from nearly 200 schools RSVP'd to QU Commencement, and nearly 100 students from over 70 schools did the same for QUA Graduation! If you'd like to rewatch the ceremonies, you can find them (as well as the commencement/graduation speeches) on our YouTube channel. If you're interested in the stats, you can find the anonymized RSVP dataset here.

Check out the code

Now that the event is done, we're closing up shop on the virtual graduation front, but we'd love for others to take what we've built and go on to do other great things! All our code is open-source and available on our Github. All our repositories use GPL licenses, so the only requirement for using them is that whatever you make has to be open-source too. We hope that this will help the community create better and better resources for each other as time goes on.

Moving Forward

We're going to leave the event schedules to make it easier for people to find where they are in the YouTube videos, and all the social links in the header are still live in case you'd like to chat! The server is still live as well, and can currently still be accessed at play.quaranteen.university. However, the server is owned and operated by CraftBU, so going forward you should use that for connection information.

Where we've been mentioned

If you'd like to read about the event/the process leading up to it, check out these publications: The Verge, WIRED, Rolling Stone, Campus Technology, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Campus Reform, and The Journal.

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